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Find out your innovation maturity level so you can pinpoint improvement areas to fuel up your innovation engine. 

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Get personalized advice and practical pro-tips on how to level-up your company's innovation capabilities

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Receive additional content and access to tools so you can start to structure your innovation better, today. 

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Why should you take the test? 

You, as a business leader, understand that you need to anticipate adequately to the ever-accelerating contextual changes to remain relevant and successful. How? By innovating continuously, in a well-structured way. 

Are you ready to find out what your company's innovation maturity level is? Is innovation something you're just starting with, are you halfway on the road to success or already a true industry leader?

What can you expect?

A 5-minute questionnaire that asks you to rank 8 questions about your current innovation efforts. You can expect questions about your strategy for the future, your innovation portfolio and what your team set-up looks like. Based on your answers, you will receive personalized advice and pro-tips directly via email. So you can start leveling-up your innovation efforts today. 


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Our point of view

Innovation isn't an island. If done right, it's embedded in your organization and forms a holistic combination of all components involved, creating innovation ecosystems - varying from metrics to mindset and from strategy to process. 

"Unlearn your habits, stay relevant. Design your strategy and innovation and be adaptive to iterate your value propositions towards true value. Make your efforts measurable and keep asking 'where is value created next?'"

"Setting both the organization and each individual up for success through design - for innovation and strategy. Combine execution with search for new value and shift your mindset to another way of thinking and doing."

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Measure the innovation maturity level of your organization and receive expert advice straight to your inbox to level up. 

Get ready for disruptive innovation! 

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